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Bridge Assets to zkEVM

Users can deposit assets from Ethereum and transact off-chain on Polygon zkEVM. For moving assets across chains (L1 zkEVM), you will need to use the zkEVM Bridge. The bridge interface is available for both Mainnet Beta and Testnet in the Polygon Wallet Suite. Also, bridging can be done with the help of MaticJS SDK.

Check out this video guide on how to bridge tokens from L1 to the zkEVM Testnet. The same video will apply to the zkEVM Mainnet Beta.

Step-by-Step Guide

Quick Connect

You can add zkEVM Network to your MetaMask wallet instantly by clicking the Add to Wallet button in the Wallet Suite interface.

You can follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to bridge assets from Ethereum Mainnet Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta and vice-versa.

  • On the Polygon Wallet Suite website, you can find a tab to access zkEVM, right next to the existing Proof-of-Stake tab:

  • Click on the Bridge module to access the zkEVM environment where you will be able to transfer assets from zkEVM Testnet and Mainnet Beta:

  • On the right hand side of the page, you can view the recent transactions, including transactions that are pending. After you proceed with transaction on the bridge, Metamask will ask you to confirm it.

  • Please allow a few moments for your transaction to be processed. Once completed, you can view all of your past and pending transactions by clicking on the "Transactions" button located in the left menu.